My Bestfriend’s Diary

Posted: May 21, 2015 in Random

I didn’t know how to tell her how I really felt about her. She was my best friend and I felt like her diary because she told me everything. We used to play together when we were younger. After school we walked home and talked about everything that happened at school. She stayed next door so we would hang out after supper each night and talk about our dreams. In fact, we talked about everything. There were times when I wasn’t into the conversation because I was thinking about how to tell her that I loved her.
On the eve of our prom night, we agreed to go together if no one asked us out. A shy but pretty girl asked me out but I turned her down politely. She didn’t have a date as well so we went together as we had agreed on earlier. At the prom we just danced and talked and had all the fun in the world but I didn’t even smile. When she asked why, I said she looked beautiful that night but I was only worried why she didn’t get a real date. A tear trickled down her face at this. That lowered my self-esteem more and crashed my hopes. After the prom, I drove her home safely and kissed her forehead goodnight and that was it.
We moved to different states for college and each break, we would come back to under the big oak tree at our old house and talk. I became even more quite when she told me that she had a new boyfriend in her new school and she talked so much about her first kiss. When he dumped her, I became a wet handkerchief and as I consoled the sobbing girl. At her wedding, the groom asked me to be his best man I felt the most severe pain as I watched the groom kiss my bride. She even named her only child after me.
Now, here I stand at her funeral, and her diary is being read by her son and this is the other side of the story, her side.
July 12th 1972, I see my husband even though I am only eight years old but I am not his wife.
September 5th 1972, John says he sees his dead sister in me; I will make sure I won’t hurt him ever.
December 26th 1972, it’s Boxing Day and John is hugging Yvonne instead of me but he gave me a nice drawing of me and him sitting under the big oak tree and it’s the cutest thing yet
I lose count of the continuation as I weep solemnly then I hear; “May 25th 1981 after refusing six proposals, I finally get to go with my beloved, I hope he’s alone and I hope to get my 1st kiss tonight…….
May 26th 1981, it’s about 2 0’clock in the morning and I can’t help believing he doesn’t feel the same way. I lied to him about having a boyfriend and when I get eaten up by my lie and start sobbing, he consoles me like a mother and her baby.
Now I’m too old to be chasing the wind, it’s been 20 years now and he doesn’t show any feelings for me. I think I should end this book now
And with that, all eyes turn to me as if I was guilty of a crime, yes it is a crime but I did it unconsciously and my victim is the culprit of my loneliness
Life is once and for all, we cannot change that
Let’s make the best of it for we may not be sitting here this way some other time. No situation is permanent
You were not wearing these clothes yesterday, neither will you be tomorrow but one thing is for sure – tell her you love her and time cannot change that


Happy fathers day

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For most people, it’s easy to choose one parent over the other. We have become accustomed to seeing mothers being chosen over fathers in who deserves credit for the persons they have become. I cannot choose. It’s beyond my capacity. When you put my parents on the same scale, I’m not sure it won’t balance.

God gave me a soul, my dad gave me a life
God gave me spirit, dad gave me belief
God named me his son, my dad named me Aubrey
God gave me a destiny, my dad guided me to my destination.
God made me a promise, my dad reminded me to keep it

I remember a lot of things I have been through with my dad. I remember when he used to tie my shoes for school and when he tied my first tie for church. Those weren’t through only knots he made to make me a man.

I wasn’t always this strong but I was never weak because he was always there. I’ve fallen many times and in the end he said my destiny was to rise. That the best lessons are in defeat. That to be defeated is not failure. That failure is when you give up trying. Look where we are now.

Growing up, I had role models; captain planet just on Sunday nights, tupac for poetry, Julius Caesar just to be weary of friends. As a man, I have only one role model now and it’s

no Roman emperor or concrete rose. My father the hero.

Last year, someone said i’d make a good father. I’m not sure why she said that but when I look at my father, my boss, my mentor and I see that perfect picture



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First of all, FREE SHS is good for Ghana simply because it’s good. If you say free things are of no quality, I don’t want to hear you say ‘the best things in life are free ever’. And trust me the country needs more literates.

Now I’ve read some status on facebook saying ‘ the NDC shuttle/bus driver returned my phone so I’m voting for NDC’ . Really? Four years of the NDC governance and that’s why this girl is voting for them. This is a university student and if she did pay tution fees and still thinks/talks like this then our problem doesn’t like in the price or fee of education and I doubt there’s anyone who doesn’t know at least one person who took paying school fees for granted like this girl. I think everyone has a civic duty to vote during the election and that is an obligation but the party you decide to vote for is optional. It’s time we invoked a VOTE OR DIE movement in Ghana so the debate on election moves completely to who to vote for and not why vote or not in the first place.

I hear a lot of people claiming the government doesn’t do anything for them or the election should hurry up and pass us by. The electoral process is an example of progress in democracy and failure to take part is a reflection of a caveman in the 21st century. Election is ‘Ghana speaks’; it’s ‘One Voice’ and you need to be heard. VOTE OR DIE doesn’t mean mortal death but simply what rights will have if you forfeit those that are inherent on you merely because you are a person.

VOTE or be quiet; VOTE or don’t don’t pay taxes; VOTE or don’t enjoy any of the rights and privileges bestowed on you by government and claim you’re alive.

VOTE WISELY, VOTE NPP; VOTE FREE SHS NOW, VOTE NPP. If you want our taxpayers’ money to be used for so-called judgment debts then don’t VOTE, DIE….  After all, ALL DIE BE DIE

Truth is, I haven’t slept in my room in three days because this guy fixing my ac has decided to drill holes everywhere and turn my room upside down. He said it was just the motor and he will finish in an hour and it’s been frustrating. Been watching a lot of ‘one tree hill’ and ‘hung’ since and paying attention to people’s updates and I couldn’t help but notice too many people talking about Halloween. The festival some people don’t like because they wouldn’t need a mask to go to. *bb tongue smiley*

So I have no experience so far ‘trick or treat’ is concerned. I’ve seen broadcasts and personal messages on bbm hyping events to the honour of Halloween and some against the celebration of it in Ghana of Africa for that matter. Ghana is that country where when people see something like ‘why celebrate Halloween when Obama isn’t celebrating Homowo’ they say ‘wow, good one, funny but smart’. I’ve seen a status that says something like that and the way people find it appealing is quite overwhelming. It’s sad though that we as Africans are losing our heritage and tradition and embracing totally different ones which we do not know much about and lack even the knowledge of their meanings and origin. I won’t bore you further seeing as you have been hearing this since you were born. What have we done about it?

I won’t celebrate Halloween. I might go to a party (#fridayFRIENDS) held for it and if that counts as celebration, point fingers at me. Before you point that finger at me though, tell me which one you’d pick – vampire diaries or Agya afari in 2014, Titanic or is the a Ghanaian movie to compare? Chelsea/man utd or hearts of oak/Asante kotoko…. If you’re a guy, u saw the Euros, right? For the ladies, I see you sewing western designs with African fabric… what’s that about? Blend? Sometimes we copy or it’s forced on us but we embrace it at some point and really should deal with it. I’m sorry but most of the people we call smart are in fact not smart at all. Take it from me, culture involves a lot of things and language and dressing are as integral as fesitivals and if you’re going to be wearing jeans and suits and not kente and telling me in English and not twi to not celebrate Halloween knowing very well how Ghanaians love holidays, you better pitch something better to me than ‘Obama doesn’t watch cantata’ …. Go and tell mahama not to watch CNN and if he doesn’t ask him if Obama watches GTV #ignorance. The point here is we need to reason. Maybe Halloween is bad or evil or for witches but for us Christians, how Christian are some festivals we know of in our homeland?  What do you know about val’s day? That heart symbol for love and also for val’s does it look anything like the human heart? what if it were some demonic symbol, have you verified? We make such a big deal out of val’s but it’s western. It’s not western to love but it is to express it the way val’s encourages and to acknowledge it on the 14th as well. The solution is simple; nobody has the right to tell anyone what to copy from the west and what not to. You may have a problem with it but when we embraced democracy and banished kings and took on leggings and tried to say goodbye to kaba and slit and began to relate to different tribes like brothers, didn’t we know we were changing? Nobody is saying or claiming the western is the best thing but it sure is the next thing to what has offered more than we offered ourselves

I’m not for or against copying anything and you might argue that certain things like football are universal and all that talk about culture and how it’s being lost. That’s a broader topic and not quite why we are here.

I would like to ask a simple question though; don’t you think we should rather look to making our festivals less out-dated and more appealing?  The people saying do not celebrate Halloween in Ghana, why don’t they say celebrate Odwira? If we made being black and African nice enough, maybe some people won’t be too ashamed to admit they are – especially those who only become Ghanaians when Asamoah Gyan scores.

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Ghana School of Law

Posted: September 2, 2012 in Random

Everybody dreams but some people sleep too deep they can’t wake up to live their dreams

It’s only in a legal education class that you find yourself sitting with people of different generations. When I was applying for law school, I met a man born in 1936 (76 now) getting his application forms endorsed. In my final year at law school, I keep asking people came here out of greed or a sudden change in career preference or it’s a lifelong dream of becoming a lawyer. Most people say being a lawyer comes with prestige seeing as it’s a course of integrity and the tuition is expensive – it’s cheap to pay less than 10,000 for legal education if it’s a course of integrity and it’s so prestigious. And to call it your dream or destiny, how much are you willing to pay? How many years are you willing to sacrifice for law? I don’t think you can put a price on the experience we had or are having here. I know I said it’s cheap but if the best things in life are free and this is certainly one of the best experiences in our lives; sleeping in class, writing hot law, anticipation of results and the anxiety that comes with it in August  and the overwhelming spectacle that comes when people see you yourself wearing a suit to class.

Whilst we wake up from this dream of becoming a lawyer because it’s only a matter of time before the call, we need to do that individual soul searching even before the job searching and ask ourselves why we came here in the first place what decisions we took that were ours? And most importantly, what kind of person you want to be from hereon. Undoubtedly, we all want to be the best lawyers but look around you, all our role models haven’t been the best lawyers or doctors but the best person they can be and that reflected in their success in life.

We the younger (below 30) have a lot to learn from the older colleagues. How they’ve combined marriage, pregnancy and some part-time jobs with school – not to mention family.  We might summarize cases for them but their experiences have been a course on its own and one that we cannot summarize. It’s been a battlefield and soon we will say goodbye to entering appearance at 6:00 am anywhere.

Save not

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I’m known for not liking to save or not knowing how to just as much as knowing how to spend money. I was explaining to my friend the other day that it really doesn’t matter how much you save with the way the world is going. If I came across some ‘loose’ (unearned ) cash, I’d spend it in that same day. Not for any superstitious reasons but the mere fact that, everything has its price and by the time I have some amount of money, I’d know just what to buy with it. She mentioned saving and I countered with death. I do see banks and all the bonds and bills I can buy. I’ve tried them before and here I sit in my room with 5gh before a weekend, no fuel in my tank but a big smile on my face because I spent and I convinced myself that I could have died without spending. Buy yourself something nice before prices go high, you die or it’s out of fashion. If you want to save, it’s your money but don’t criticize the big spenders unless of course a person sells, let’s say, his laptop, to buy jeans and trainers ( that’s an unworthy cause).
And don’t hate on us buying junk food. I might die of a heart attack but your healthy body might die in a car accident. Before you say all things being equal, look at your hand. If you’re not that smart, your fingers.


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Sometimes people tell you ‘enough is enough’. Either directly in those words or indirectly with presupposing questions like ‘ isn’t that what you want?’ and other means. Nothing pisses me off more than, ‘ you should be happy…’ or ‘ you should be satisfied…’ Like they know your hunger or dream. Like they can measure the height you’re jumping to.
However, I don’t think it’s an evil thing. I don’t think it’s judging. If someone tells you you should be satisfied with your relationship or car or pay or work or life, the person could be telling you, you’re limited to just that but I doubt that’s what they mean. It’s just a wrong interpretation on your part. What in fact they are doing is telling you to stop ignoring the things you have while you dream of the things you don’t have.
I am for aiming high and dreaming. I’m for daydreaming and dropping out of school. For romance and risking lifestyle. I’d be reckless and irresponsible on any day to achieve more than you’re telling me to be satisfied with but the thing is, I love my life so that statement ‘ you should be satisfied’ only serves as a reminder that there’s probably more time to achieve a dream than there is to live life because in a night, you can ‘have’ a thousand dreams but in a day, you have 24 hours in a day and that is to be shared with friends and family, work and school, a few nights of drinks and moments we’d want to keep for life